Best Places To Buy Budgies

Budgies are beautiful and lovely pets to have. With time these birds can grow into a lifelong companion as they can learn your language and sometimes cheer you up. These pets are the most popular birds in the U.S. People love these birds because of their color and their ability to sing. However finding the best place to buy these birds can be quite difficult while taking into account that there are many things you have to consider to get a decent and healthy bird. That said below are places you can buy one.

From a Reputable Breeder 

One of the best places you can buy these birds would be from a reputable breeder or a pet shop. This is because, from these two, a shell parakeet will be in good temperament and most likely in excellent health. However, finding an established breeder may be difficult, but one way will be 

• Try and look for someone with experience in budgies rearing  

• Ensure that the person has a clean aviary.

Pet Shops 

You can also get one of these birds from a pet store, while pet stores can be the best place to buy them. It is important that you try and check the shop’s breeding practice and procedures. Pet stores are known to be shoddy in breeding these birds and all other pets. 

Check Animal rescue or shelter 

Some people swear that the animal rescue centers are the best places to buy these birds because these places have strict quarantine policies and vet testing procedures. Thus, you will most likely find birds reared from these locations to be in overall good health. 

Check online 

You can also find these birds sold in online bird marts, websites and classified ads from people willing to sell them. When you buy from individuals in an online platform, you should be careful as the bird may not be in such a great shape. If you can, you may decide to pay a visit to the aviary and see if the bird has been bred in a good and healthy environment.


The above are some of the areas where you can buy a budgie. One thing to note is that budgies are beautiful and fantastic birds. They are fun, playful and are good company, especially when they’re properly taken care of. Also when they are fed and vaccinated at the appropriate time, the birds can live for as long as fifteen to twenty years. 

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