7 Must-Have Bird Accessories

Owning your own pet is thrilling, it can be exhilarating particularly so for the first time.

Isn’t it?

Half of the joyous mood comes from making a list of your bird`s pet accessories. Making an accessory shopping for your bird is the most fundamental thing you can do before bringing your feathered friend into your household.

A perfect bird pet accessory provides convenience, not to mention savings for you, and also enriches the lifestyle of your pet.

Here are some product suggestions and info that you should be armed with while making a shopping spree.


Seven Must-Have Bird Accessories 



One of the greatest hurdle that a bird owner has to overcome is keeping the bird`s feeder free of shell flung, seeds and other wastes.

These feeders are relatively more costly than their blood cousins, the average feeder cup. But, the rate is worthwhile in the long-run owing to the fact that no messy food waste residue will wind up out of the cage

The no-mess feeders have a recessed area for food, while the walls of the feeder act as holding place for waste.



This is perhaps the most important bird accessory. Benefits of drinking water to your pet are immeasurable.

But birds are naughty and can make a perfect mess from the water dishes. From pooping, bathing and tossing food in the water dish.

Due to this reason, it’s imperative for you to provide your bird with a water bottle to ensure he/she has a clean source of drinking water.



To keep your bird`s feathers in good condition, you require to give your pet a bath several times a week if not on a daily basis.

A shower perch provides the ultimate bathing experience. 



In the wild, birds spend most of their time; dusk to dawn foraging and looking for food. But for our pets, food is right in front. This can be tiresome, and make our bird lazy and bored.

For this, investing in a harness and Leash accessory that allows you to take your bird outside for fresh air and sunlight, without the risk of losing him is important.

 Bird light


Ever thought what will happen when winter sets in? For you to make your pet cozy, investing in a bird warmer is necessary.

While in your house, your bird will not enjoy the benefits of the sun`s full spectrum. Therefore it`s` important to provide your pet with an alternative light that will enable hi synthesis the missing nutrients.



This accessory comes in handy while the need arises to visit a vet or a groomer.

A perfect travel carrier should be well ventilated, light with a handle at the top for easy movement.



Just like human beings cover their bodies with blankets, birds require this accessory to feel “Secure”. A breathable, non-toxic cover is recommended.

It`s obvious one cannot make a one-time purchase for all these items. What you need to do is to determine what is essential to your pet, and what makes him/her happy and base your purchases on that.

With time, you’ll accumulate tons of bird accessories that will make life better for your pet.