My Experiences With Decorating

I was seven-years-old when my father lost his job. At that time, I got accustomed to the new school system and friends I have made in Georgia. From early childhood, I never had a permanent place to call home and we soon moved to Pennsylvania. We all lived in a small, icy apartment and was left with no income for months. At this point, I could see the exhaustion in my parent’s eyes. My mother who usually relishes interior design and DIY crafts, simply did not want to put in any effort into the apartment we thought would be temporary. However, not giving up, my father searched tirelessly across the nation to find a new job that could support our family. To ease the hardship, during my father’s absence, I took care of my brother who was four years younger than me. Luckily, after numerous attempts of securing a stable job, we were fortunate to find our new home in California.

Moving into our grandiose house the first day felt like a dream. We were all so grateful to live in a beautiful and sunny state. As we toured the house the first time, my mother’s eyes sparkled in excitement. I could tell her passion for home decor was re-ignited. My mother was a selfless woman. The moment we fully moved in, she wanted to work immediately on my brother’s room and mine. At that time, my favorite color was pink and she took her efforts in painting the room my favorite color. On top of that, she picked furniture that matched the paint of the room to match my desired theme of a fairytale princess bedroom. I even helped her decorate the remnants of my room and my brother’s room by adding fairy and spaceship stickers. From my mother, I understood how important decor was to make a home feel peaceful. Ever since, I have lived in California for the remainder of my middle school, high school, undergraduate, and now, graduate career. I have never felt more at home.

Organization and decor go hand-in-hand. Putting the effort to make a space beautiful not only sends a powerful message, but is empowering. After my undergraduate and graduate years at UCLA, I noticed a difference in my work ethic, efficiency, and attitude after I have put in the time and effort to amplify my working space. Upon graduating, I set out to find a brand new apartment before I started graduate school. When I found the perfect apartment, I was determined to make it feel like home just like the time my mom decorated my fairytale bedroom. I began partaking in many DIY projects that incorporated nature and recycling of old items.  I really became interested in decor when I got an American Dakota rug from Southwestern Rugs Depot.  They have a really great selection of area rugs.

In hindsight, after my decor venture, I noticed my spike in ambition and began seeking bigger and better opportunities for myself as an aspiring healthcare professional. I currently stand as one of the Presidents for a pre-dental organization, serve as a committee member for a national pre-dental advisory board, and am currently in pursuit of my Master’s in Oral Biology at UCLA. Next fall, I will be attending dental school and aspire to become an exceptional healthcare professional that will evoke discussion and inspiration to a new generation.

We are all touched when someone remembers our favorite food or makes an extra effort in writing us a heartfelt letter. Personalized home decor can evoke that same emotion and make someone feel at home. Decor invites ease, excitement, and appreciation. In the future, I hope to open a dental practice that allow my patients to feel at ease and excited through the comforting decor and ambiance my mother made for our California home. Decor teaches a valuable lesson that putting time into the little details is what matters and actually goes a long way. It is a way to express ourselves and a wonderful opportunity for us to turn a space and leave a lasting impression.