My Decor

Decor is very important. Why does it matter in society? History? Physics?
Well, decor sets the mood. Ever been in that house with the dark walls and heavy drapes and dim lighting, and been scared for your life? How about how you feel in the airy, brightly colored, funky-furnished room? I think that’s pretty importantor my faux sheepskin pillow. Society? Well, if you look at someone’s decor, you can generally tell where they fit in society. I mean, billionaires generally hire fancier decorators than the destitute do (as a general rule. If you know an exception, that doesn’t mean …

My Experiences With Decorating

I was seven-years-old when my father lost his job. At that time, I got accustomed to the new school system and friends I have made in Georgia. From early childhood, I never had a permanent place to call home and we soon moved to Pennsylvania. We all lived in a small, icy apartment and was left with no income for months. At this point, I could see the exhaustion in my parent’s eyes. My mother who usually relishes interior design and DIY crafts, simply did not want to put in any effort into the apartment we thought would be temporary. …

Essential Home Decor Accessories for Budgie Lovers

No budgie owner’s home is complete without the necessary bird home decor items. Here’s a few our favorites, but we’d love to hear about your favorites as well.

Southwestern Rug

  1.  A Bird Rug

This rug comes from Southwestern Rugs Depot. They sell premium Southwestern rugs. A bird rug is the staple piece of any budgie lover’s home decor. They’re durable and easy to clean (so you could place them under the cage without fear). Southwestern area rugs also make great gifts for a non-bird owner, if you ever decide to part with your dear rug.

bird poster2.  Bird Wall Art

It’s …

7 Must-Have Bird Accessories

Owning your own pet is thrilling, it can be exhilarating particularly so for the first time.

Isn’t it?

Half of the joyous mood comes from making a list of your bird`s pet accessories. Making an accessory shopping for your bird is the most fundamental thing you can do before bringing your feathered friend into your household.

A perfect bird pet accessory provides convenience, not to mention savings for you, and also enriches the lifestyle of your pet.

Here are some product suggestions and info that you should be armed with while making a shopping spree.


Seven Must-Have Bird Accessories 



Best Places To Buy Budgies

Budgies are beautiful and lovely pets to have. With time these birds can grow into a lifelong companion as they can learn your language and sometimes cheer you up. These pets are the most popular birds in the U.S. People love these birds because of their color and their ability to sing. However finding the best place to buy these birds can be quite difficult while taking into account that there are many things you have to consider to get a decent and healthy bird. That said below are places you can buy one.

From a Reputable Breeder 

One of