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Updated 4.22.2015

I have decided to stop breeding Budgies after 32 years I have now sold all of my adult Budgies. But I am hand feeding 13 babies.

Please contact me if interested.


Welcome To Amy's Bird House!

Welcome to my aviary! My name is Amy and I am a very small hobby breeder located in Denver off of Alameda and I-25. 

specialize in Green Cheek Conures and keep a small amount of birds so that I can be sure to properly socialize and care for each of our birds.  Because of that I do not mass produce so that you can have a baby as fast as possible. Our birds are a part of the family. And bred in our home. We don't breed out of a ware house! I take things slow, and I put many many hours, weeks or months planning each pairing because I breed for health, type and temperament above all else.

I am based on professionalism, dependability, honesty and cleanliness. I don't breed for money, the price of the budgie babies doesn't even cover the cost of the food I feed them. I breed for the love of the breed and the enjoyment of genetics and what I can make and improve on. What drives me is improving on the over all quality of the species.

As a professional breeder, which I am very serious about, I am always determined to provide the highest quality experience for my adopters.  I do not do it in dingy conditions. Everything I do is with the highest respect for the animals I care for. From the caging, toys and food I feed, to the respect I show them with the high quality photos I take. And I have pictures of my Budgies in National Geographic and Cengage Learning publications to add to my insistence of quality and excellence. So when you adopt from me you know that every facet of care I give these animals is the best you can get. I don't play around with a hobby in the back yard, these animals are in pristine conditions in my home, eating the organic foods I eat, and getting love from me daily. Animals deserve every bit of respect they can get, after all they have saved me in every way that a human can be saved. Emotionally, I could not do it without them.

I was established as a small parrot & finch breeder in 1983. I have been a serious American Budgie & American English cross exhibitor for ¾ of my life.  I have spent most of my life hand feeding and raising everything from Zebra finches to Hyacinth Macaws, but my breeding experience includes Cockatiels, Canaries, Quaker Parakeets, Zebra finches, Star finches, Gouldian finches & Society finches and of course Conures! 

The reason I breed is to benefit and improve the species as a whole. 

Considering that I do breed for myself, and for my needs and to reach my goals, I cannot keep all of my babies, which is where you can benefit from my breeding's. But please remember that I do breed for me. And I do not have Babies all the time, and birds breed seasonally, Conures may start in February possibly also in the fall. So you may have to wait. My goal is not to mass produce and have babies all of the time just for my adopters. Again, I breed just for me to improve them. I only breed my birds once a year, usually letting each pair do 2 clutches. And then they rest for a full year. It especially hard on females to be bred any more than that. Rarely I may let a male breed twice in a season but only after a few weeks rest. Since he doesn't work as hard.

Since my birds are not your typical pet shop animal, rather pedigreed quality stock I do rigorously screen all of my adopters as strictly as you would expect from a high quality, high end breeder. The same as you would expect a high quality breeder of show dogs, cats, horses or any other well bred pet. So do not expect for me to adopt to just anyone. I only adopt to well qualified pre-screened adopters. And I do deny adoption to some people. If you are expecting the best, you will be patient through the adoption process. This is how things work, as I am not a pet shop and cannot be expected to operate like one. So I will not have birds lying around for you if you want it today! Furthermore, I am a very patient, understanding person however; in order to make the adoption process go smoothly I need for you to read my "Adoption Process" page, "Planned Breeding's" page, and the "Nursery" pages thoroughly. All of the questions you have are answered there in great detail. I do appreciate a bit of research. Thank you! Having said that though I am happy to answer any questions I have missed on my site. I will always be there for my adopters!


©2015 All rights reserved to myself and National Geographic & Cengage Learning on 6 photos on this website. Some of the images taken by me for this website appear in National Geographic and Cengage Learning publications. These 2 companies and myself have exclusive rights to them and they cannot be used in any way. Photos owned by these companies are marked as such.

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